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Note we are unable to ship internationally.

Beer Subscription General Questions

  • Can I buy a beer subscription as a gift?

    Of course! Simply place the recipients address in the delivery details at the checkout. Need more help? Contact us
  • Can I cancel my beer club subscription?

    If you have selected a set subscription time frame (3, 6, 9 or 12 months) and have paid upfront and need to cancel it for any reason you can do so. Please note any remaining months and associated payments already made will be forfeited. If you are on a Pay By The Month subscription and cancel be...
  • Can I choose which beers are included in the club pack?

    Our monthly club packs are predetermined to feature a selection of the best beers from Australia and overseas. By having a pre-set selection it helps us to get the absolute best beers around at a competitive price. Need more help? Contact us
  • Do you have a pay by the month option?

    Yes. To help you better manage your finances we do offer a Pay by the Month option. Payments per month are as follows: The Bootlegger - (6 pack) $39.99 plus shipping per month. The Speakeasy - (12 pack) $69.99 plus shipping per month. The Black Market - (limited release 12 pack). $89.99 plus s...
  • I can't login to my beer subscription?

    Please note this is done through a different login to the main website. For beer subscriptions login through: https://beerclub.beercartel.com.au/account/login If you have not already done so, you will need to activate your account to be able to login. You can do this through a beer subscription ...
  • Is there a gift card I can send or give to the recipient?

    Yes. You can download a gift card to either print or send to the lucky recipient here. Need more help? Contact us
  • Is there a minimum membership length?

    Subscriptions can be purchased in 3, 6, 9 and 12 month allotments, or ongoing (no end month). Once a subscription is purchased there are no additional costs. We also offer a pay by the month option for those that do not want to pay the full amount up front. Need more help? Contact us
  • I want to update my Credit Card details for my beer subscription

    If you have purchased a beer subscription you can login here and update your payment details by clicking on Manage Subscription. Need more help? Contact us
  • What is included in each subscription pack?

    Our Monthly beer pack comes in three sizes: The Bootlegger - A selection of 6 different craft beers, including 3 of the latest and greatest cans on the market, mixed with 3 fantastic core range beers from the regular line-up of the best breweries in Australia and overseas. From $39.99 + shipping...
  • Where are you based / where do you ship from?

    We are based in Sydney NSW.
  • Where do I access tasting notes?

    Tasting notes for beer subscriptions can be accessed here. Need more help? Contact us