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When are Quarterly club packs delivered?

Beer Club orders are taken year round.

For quarterly subscriptions you will receive your first selection the quarter after you join.The dispatch date for quarterly subscriptions is approximately the 20th of each quarter and occur in the following months: January, April, July, October.

Purchase January, February, March – 1st pack will be sent approximately April 20th

Purchase in April, May, June - 1st pack will be sent approximately July 20th

Purchase in July, August, September - 1st pack will be sent approximately October 20th

Purchase in October, November, December - 1st pack will be sent approximately January 20th

For Beer Cartel subscriptions given as a gift you can download a printable personalised e-Card here with your order confirmation which can be given to the recipient letting them know they are now part of the Beer Cartel Beer Club.

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